Is The UK’s Free Boiler Grant Scheme Still Available?

In 2016, the UK government launched an energy efficiency scheme that involved providing boiler grants to low income households in England, Scotland and Wales. The Free Boiler Grant Scheme allowed energy manufacturers to inspect qualifying homes and replace the old models with new condenser boilers that save up to £300 per year in energy bills.

The new boilers also reduce carbon emission to the environment. This scheme is still ongoing and new applicants from the three countries are still allowed access to the grant. There are various plans within the scheme so if you are lucky you can get a 100% grant. Even if you do not get that lucky, there are other plans that allow you to make reduced repayments over several months.


As aforementioned, the free boiler grant scheme was designed for low income families and intended to help them achieve energy efficiency. One must pass various eligibility qualifications to qualify for a free boiler grant. Essentially, you would require the right combination of income-based benefits, such as JSA, ESA and tax credits among others. Additionally, your boiler must be at least 5 years old to receive a grant. The energy company is tasked with inspecting and determining if you qualify for the grant.

Will you get a new boiler?

This has been a popular question since the free boiler grant scheme was launched. Most applicants expect to get a brand new boiler without paying anything, but this is not the case. Only a few homes can qualify for 100% grant; most will have to settle for a discounted boiler plan. What’s more, the boilers are largely second-hand although they meet the current standards for energy efficiency. Nevertheless, there are new boilers for families that qualify and most of them are offered on a discounted instalment-based repayment rather than free. The boilers are installed in 100% working conditions.


If you have not yet applied, there is still a small window to take advantage of the government boiler scheme and become energy efficient at a painless fraction of the cost. Only choose credible licensed energy companies allowed to implement the plan. You can look up the official website of the scheme to determine all involved companies.