Create a Book with a Publishing Platform Open to Everyone

Create a Book with a Publishing Platform Open to Everyone

It seems that many people have a dream to publish a novel or some other type of book. For most people, that dream remains just that a dream. With the advent of a relatively new online publishing service called Type & Tell, anyone’s dream is one step closer to reality.

Type & Tell was launched in Sweden by a publishing firm that recently released the service to English-speaking countries. The service takes any author from the beginning of writing and editing a book online to distributing and printing it for the world to buy.

Often, the task of getting a manuscript typed and formatted is daunting and difficult enough for writers. With the simplified create a book option online at the Type & Tell website, getting the words onto the screen ready for publication could not be easier.

Writers can start from scratch and write on the platform’s writing section or they can upload existing content in Word format right to the platform. Once the writing is completed, authors have the option of getting additional editorial help.

The formatting of the book is also simple. Writers get to choose from a variety of paperback formats or eBook formats. For those who need help with book covers, there are two services offered.

One is the basic cover art service where the Type & Tell staff will help customize a cover for the writer. The other is a bespoke option where a graphic designer works with the author to create the exact cover that the author has in mind for their work.

Publishing packages come in options from basic which includes an ISBN number and a legal deposit to a professional-style option where previously published authors can get the publishing-house quality and service they are used to. These include proofreading services, free printed copies of the book, and advertising.

After a work is complete, it undergoes an evaluation by the Type & Tell staff. After a few days, the book will be accepted as is or required to undergo some changes before being ready for print and distribution. When books are sold in paperback, on-demand and eBook formats, the authors keep all the earnings to themselves. Type & Tell does not retain any sort of commission.

This is the new wave of publishing which opens the door to more writer voices being heard in the world. Publishing once was a business where only a handful of publishing executives from a handful of publishing houses chose what voices were heard. Today, all that has changed and more writing can be enjoyed around the world from writers whose works would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Publishing is simple and relatively fast with the services available. It is a secure website and while writers cannot collaborate at the same time on projects, they can log in at different times and create a book. Joining the site is also free so there is little, if anything, that stands between a writer and publishing any longer.